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‘Up in the clouds, on our way to unknown things’

Travelling with your friends can be a great experience from the moment you meet at the airport. I’ve done it many times and every time it was a new adventure. No matter how well you know someone, on trevels you get to know him/her much better and come closer to each other.

But you have to choose well before you decide who is coming with you. Picking the right company means that everyone is enjoying the journey as much as you do. Leaving your comfort zone, there will be moments with disagreements but it’s up to you if you’ll let arguments ruin your trip.






Many people ask me why I travel so often with my friends. The answer is simple: It’s good for my soul. I’ve travelled a lot with my family and groups but ten years ago I relished the sense of my own independence, my own freedom and I did it well. I became my own master. I decided to try the solo women travelling and I asked my best friends if they wanted to follow me on my journey. They all got excited and we started planning our trips, making researches, collecting ideas and discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of travelling without our husbands. Ever since we travel together as often as we can and every trip is a hilarious adventure. Unforgettable. And that’s why:

-We put our explorer’s cap on and get adventurous. We laugh a lot. Many times we have no idea why. From taking ridiculous selfie poses to telling funny jokes or acting  like super stars.


-We usually attend a traditional performance or a music festival. Even if we don’t know the language, we love the feelings that come out of it.

-We take tons of  photos. We capture almost everything we see and this is a way to remember the moments of our trip.




-We love shopping. We don’t expect men to understand it but lugging around big bags can be relaxing and it makes us happier. After all, shopping is better than theraphy. From name brands like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior etc to refrigerator magnet souvenirs, we hit the market and buy things to cherrish for years.




-We take ourselves out to  fancy, etiquette restaurants and get the full experience of the place. Sometimes we can’t understand anything on the menu but this is another reason to start laughing again when we see the plates we ordered. Nightlife usually consists of live music or candlelit bars and pubs. We get pretty dressed and we dive into whatever fun awaits.


-We spend an entire day with no plans aside from  pampering ourselves on a full day spa.


Travelling with friends is sharing incredible, unique, precious moments that forge stronger friendships.

Love you so much ladies..

Until our next trip!

Can’t wait!

Efi Konstantinidou

Travel & lifestyle blogger



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