The 5 most romantic Getaways in Europe


Romance is in the air

If you have at least three days at your disposal, I can suggest you the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway. Just take a look and get inspired.

1. Santorini

Santorini is an easy win as it is one of the most famous islands worldwide. Immortalized by poets due to its multi-coloured cliffs and caves. Surrounded by black, red and white sand beaches, the wild beauty of the landscape and the famous volcano it’s considered as one of the top spectacles in Europe. The romantic sunsets of picturesque Oia with the coloured houses, the white-blue churches and candle-lit terraces are of the best spots of the island. Enjoy a special dinner for two, paired with white wine and view of the Caldera.



Santorini is a mythical escape for couples to create lasting memories cherished in the heart. Welcome to Aegean,welcome to luxurious Santorini!

2. Venice

Venice is my favorite city in the whole world! I could live there for ever. There is a magic in the air that makes me fall in love again and again. Get lost at the narrow streets, visit wonderful churches, awesome palaces and historical museums. Dine at restaurants, shop local souvenirs and visit theatre La Fenice for a great opera experience. To taste the real Venice go into a small bar where locals take a glass of wine or take a gondola for a romantic ride at the Grand Canal at sunset. Celebrate your love with a kiss under the bridge of sighs or take a breathtaking view from the roof top of Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

3. Paris

Paris is always a good idea. Whether it’s your first time in the city of magic or more, Paris has a lot of hidden gems to show. Named as the city of lovers, you find romance everywhere you turn. You can take a romantic stroll together, lock your love in a bridge, enjoy a lunch buffet at the chic brasserie ’58 Tour Eiffel on the first floor, admire the sunset with the panoramic view of Paris while drinking a glass of pink champagne at the top or sit back and take in the stunning sights of Paris on a Seine dinner cruise.



4. Brugge

Brugge is the ‘city of swans’. When you visit the historic medieval town, you have the feeling of living in a fairy-tale. Cobbled alleys, canals, bridges, old market squares, historic churches and stunning architecture. Known for its delicious food, try the local sea-food served in a big pot and of course the best strong beer, chocolate and waffles in the world. It’s said that there are more bars in Brugge than the nights of the year to enjoy a drink. Finally don’t forget to take a romantic horse-carriage ride through the heart of the city along the canals. It’s an extremely interesting way to get to know Brugge.



5. Capri

Capri amore mio! What a dream destination! Just an hour from Naples, you can be at this fascinating island. Take a boat tour from Marina Grande, including the Blue Grotto and the famous Faraglioni rocks. Have a walk at Tragara, admire the beautiful villas and smell the fragrance of the lemons which are the symbol of the island. Don’t miss Via Krupp, one of the world’s most beautiful footpaths. Your credit card might be out of control at Capri’s expensive restaurants and hotels, but it’s worth it. Try pizza, gelato, Torta Carpese, Limincello liqueur or an aperitivo cocktail at Piazzeta where you can meet VIP visitors, actors and celebrities. For a romantic spectacular sunset, Punta Carena lighthouse is the best spot on the island to see the sun go down on Mediterranean sea.



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