Stockholm’s culinary flavors


Top 5 Swedish tastes

We asked the locals about the best culinary tastes that must be tried when in Stockholm and we followed their advice:

1. Reindeer

Perhaps the best known traditional meal in Scandinavia. We had a cozy evening at ‘At Six’ restaurant. The reindeer dinner was absolutely delicious. I asked for ‘rare’ because medium was a bit too well done for my taste. It was sliced thinly, tender and a bit spiced! One of the best flavors I ever tasted.


2. Salmon

Either smoked or fresh these dishes are heaven in earth. Whether you prefer a starter or main course, canape’ or breakfast option, smoked salmon will never let you unpleased. So will the fresh baked salmon filet, too. Mild in flavor, gives a feeling of satisfaction.


3. Smoked shrimps (rekour)

We visited Fjaderholmarna, a small island at Stockholm’s archipelago just to try the traditional smoked shrimps. We  tried the ‘peal and eat’ type of baby shrimps with a top of mayonnaise served in a bowl. Even the bird that was nearby could’ not resist that delicious lunch.

4. Cinnamon cakes (kanelbullar)

We were invited to a Swedish’s home where we were served ‘Kanelbullar’ or cinnamon buns, a kind of traditional classic cakes. They are large and they smell and taste butter, cinnamon and cardamon. The inside is a bit dry leaving a wonderful sense in the mouth, fulfilling your expectations.


5. Meatballs

Sweden is known all over the world for its delicious meatballs. We ate the real dish in a restaurant next to the Opera. Eight beef meatballs: small but very well browned, with moisture inside, flavourful and refined, with a sauce, potatoes and pickles.

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