La Prairie – The Caviar Event


Pampering in La Prairie is heaven on earth! A sense seducing escape from the daily life. With a wide range of luxury skincare treatments to choose from, La Prairie’s products are a bliss to the skin and create true beauty from inside out. Our skin is being attacked by the sun and pollution on a daily basis and our face is the most exposed.

That’s why I always trust La Prairie’s experts who advise me on my skincare needs and the homecare products I should have, to get the best results and feel more radiant, rejuvenated, glamorous and youthful. At the Caviar event, I experienced an extraordinary Caviar extract treatment with real caviar and unique proteins for protection, nourishment and energy to my skin.

With La Prairie, my skin appeared firmed and lifted! I slowed the progress of time and I unveiled a brighter, glowing me.

Thank you La Prairie for the great experience! Can’t wait for the next event!


Efi Konstantinidou
Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

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  1. allaboutstylee
    February 24, 2018

    La Praire therapy 💕💕👏👏 Very interesting content 🔝


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