Greece: A trip to Meteora


Close to God

Meteora… So many words to describe this beauty. Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, immense, inspiring, impressive. The beautiful countryside and amazing rock formations are awesome. And then on top of the rocks, there are churches and monasteries that make the scenery out of this world. The views from the top are magnificent with the valley and the city of Kalampaka below.

Meteora is a holy place for all Christians around the world. Visiting a monastery it requires proper dress code: men should wear long pants and women should be covered up.
If needed, the monasteries provide robes. From the monasteries, you can buy products like honey, wine and beeswax that are made by the monks and nuns.
The interior wall paintings depicting stories and saints are artistic, vivid and some are rather graphic so photos are prohibited inside. Depending on which monastery is open on the day of your visit, it can be rather strenuous to get to, with many flights of stairs up and down to reach the monastery.

Even if one is unable to explore the monasteries that are open on foot, the drive through the area and exploring the town is worthwhile.
I highly recommend visiting this fascinating area in the center of the country while in Greece!
Efi Konstantinidou
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