Travel to Italy: The Amalfi Coast


It’s time to travel to Coastiera Amalfitana

I can’t describe the scenic natural beauty of the Amalfi coast! It’s so romantic and charming at the same time. The mountains and sea cliffs are hosting holiday homes and wonderful villas which make it one of the most famous and unique destinations in the world! Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi are the top villages that attract not only the jet-setters but people from all over the world. In my opinion, the best time to visit Amalfi coast is in spring and autumn when the hotels, restaurants, and boutiques are less crowded.


Famous for its lemons and limoncello, Sorrento is a wonderful place to get lost in its narrow streets with an ice cream in hand and discover the aroma of this awesome quiet town.  A factory of limoncello has become a point of attraction for those like me who want to taste liqueurs and other traditional products.


A photogenic town where roads and cars almost don’t exist. Houses in pink and terracotta color are tumbling down to the sea, as well as hi-class hotels and villas, fashionable retailers and excellent restaurants. It’s the ideal romantic getaway for couples searching for magic.
My husband and I spent hours wandering the roads of Positano taking thousands of pictures, visiting Santa Maria Assunta (the Catholic church), eating ice-cream or dining in insanely nice restaurants.


It’s said to be the most romantic village! Tiny Praiano is located between Positano and Amalfi and it’s famous for its sunsets.


Amalfi is the largest town along the coast and it’s the perfect but not so expensive place to stay. You can take a promenade along the Mediterranean and take pictures in the marina with the colorful boats or have a rest in a cafe in the historic center, Piazza del Duomo, in front of the stunning cathedral. And as it’s been said: “For an Amalfitan the day he goes to heaven is just like any other day”.


Atrani on the cliffside is the smallest town in all of southern Italy. If you need a peaceful escape, then this seaside colorful village in the rocky mountain is the ideal place to stay. In a few words, the scenery along the Amalfi coast is incredibly stunning and inspirational for artists, bloggers, movie makers and everyone else!


  • Stop and smell the lemon blossoms
  • Tour an ancient church
  • Buy ceramics
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