A travel to Naples


The flower of paradise

‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori!’ One can’t blame the Napolitans for this phrase which expresses the beauty of the city. It’s a historic city in the southern part of the Italian peninsula, in Campania region. Naples offers tourists strong emotions, beautiful sceneries, and delicious flavors.
I used to hear from some friends that Naples was the worst place they had been as there are rumors saying it’s unsafe and I decided to have my own opinion. So I took a plane to Naples!
When it comes to travel, you shouldn’t believe anything you hear. What I realized was the big difference between the north and the south of Italy. The city has an entirely different vibe than fashionable Milan! There aren’t lots of things to do or see in this city because there are other Italian cities to visit that offer more options, such as old churches and historic monuments. But there are some good reasons to visit Naples. Naples is the birthplace of the original wood-fired pizza Napolitana that makes it a heaven paradise for pizza lovers. Of course, the cuisine of Naples has a variety of dishes with top flavors from the sea and ingredients enchanched from the sun and soil. There is something for every taste: seafood, slow-cooked, succulent, sweet, simple, fried etc.


  • If you want to taste the famous pastry masterpieces like sfogliatella, pastiera or baba, you can simply walk in Spaccanapoli.
  • Not to talk about the ice cream which offers a vast array of flavors to suit all tastes! Walking down the historic area of Naples you see narrow cobblestoned streets and when you look up all you see are flags and flags of laundry hanging out to dry.
  • Walking along the pedestrian, the two-mile seafront promenade teeming with restaurants and attractions is an activity that many locals enjoy.
  • Historic buildings and many local cafes are also in the historic center.
  • Naples is close to so many wonderful seaside spots that even if you don’t plan on going, you’ll likely pass through them.
  • No trip to Naples is complete without a trip to Capri, Procida or Amalfi Coast
  • Naples has a reputation among Italians for being very authentically Italian.
  • It’s surprisingly difficult to find anyone that speaks English.
  • Although you should keep an eye on your belongings, use street smarts and avoid hanging out at train stations, as you would in any other big city in the world. – I never felt unsafe, day or night.
  • Driving in Naples is not an easy task. There is endless traffic jam where rules are mostly ignored by the locals.

Maybe Rome is the heart of Italy but Naples is its soul…

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