Ristorante da Lucullo – Napoli


Dining with a view

Last week I had dinner at a very special seafood restaurant at the Gulf of Baia, in Napoli, which seemed to float on the water! We sat by the window and the view was fantastic! So was the menu! Everything we ate was exceptional! The chef brought us the very fresh and best of his creations.

I cannot express just how yummy the fish was. The perfection of taste! But we didn’t stop at the fish. We ordered and ordered… The staff was very kind and the service was fast. The decor and the ambiance were really chic!

Da-Lucullo-dinner Da-Lucullo-shrims Restaurant-Da-Lucullo-shrims Da-Lucullo-shrims Restaurant-Da-Lucullo Da-Lucullo-Restaurant-at-night

This restaurant is a real gem and I am glad that I have visited it, thanks to my Napolitanian friend Mario.
Many thanks, also to the owner Salvatore, for the great hospitality.

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  1. Pegky
    May 14, 2018

    I am Napoli lover ❤️❤️ Amazing post


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