A Space Adventure at Cape adventure at Cape Canaveral

Some years ago, I had the luck to live the once in a lifetime experience by visiting NASA. The explore tour at Kennedy Space Center lasted about 11,5 hours. On the way, we saw the wildlife, making several stops to capture some photos. Yes, there is a wildlife park.

I saw icons of spaceflight operations like the Vehicle Assembly Building, the historic Complex 39 and a lot more. That worthed the time! I knew the Assembly Building, but nothing compares with seeing it up close for the first time.
I had the feeling that the Space Center was like a small Disney. It was so wonderful to learn the history of the space program and appreciate the hard work that has been done and how clever and brave all the astronauts were.
Also, I didn’t miss the Atlantis museum, that houses the Space Shuttle Atlantis which is awesome! I watched two 3D movies that summarize the history of the missions and introduce how the idea of the space shuttle was realized step by step.
At the end of the movie, the big screen dropped and the real Atlantis Space Shuttle appeared in front of our eyes! It was really an amazing scene! The IMAX film was also amazing! I felt like I was there with them. By the way, I met a true astronaut, a NASA veteran! I enjoyed an exclusive group presentation with a veteran astronaut which included questions from the visitors and answers from the astronaut!NASA
After all, I left Kennedy Space feeling blessed!

I highly recommend a visit as it is an out-of-this-world destination not to be missed. Make the effort to go. It’s really impressive!

Efi Konstantinidou
Travel &lifestyle blogger


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